What is manipulative medicine?

Manipulative medicine is an established recognized system of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation which lays its main emphasis on the structural and functional integrity of the body.

Viewing the body as a whole unit, manipulative therapist consider all aspects of the patients life.

Manipulative Therapy: Back pain and sciatica, joint pains and muscle tension and strains, shoulder and neck pains, tennis elbow, arthritic & mobility problems, postural problems caused by pregnancy, driving and work, rheumatic pains, circulatory problems, headaches migraines, sports injuries.

Sessions are covered by all major health insurances: Aviva, Axa PPP, BUPA.

Ronald Klein

Graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 1981. He has been running practices from North London and Covent Garden since then, including his involvement in the formation of the original Neal's Yard Therapy Rooms. In the same year, Ron qualified as an Acupuncturist, developing his expertise further by completing his masters at The Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, in 1983. Ron sustains his knowledge through continued professional development courses and lecturing around the world, in places such as Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and in the USA.

In taking a holistic approach to his clients' conditions, from acute to chronic dysfunctions, he is able to tailor his treatment to the individual's personal needs and requirements. With his wealth of experience, Ron is able to use a wide range of tecniques - structural, cranial, ergonomic, naturopathic and acupuncture - to treat a spectrum of ailments. Ron's natural aptitude with the human body and its functions is supported by his own personal fitness and athleticism and to this day he continues to play tennis at club level.

Patient testimonials

Joyce Willard

I have been seeing Ron Klein for over 20 years for an on-going back issue. I can attest to his professionalism and skill at getting me back on the golf course as soon as practical. He puts the needs of his patients first and is very acommodating when there is a serious problem which needs attantion. Without him, I doubt I would still be playing golf as much as I am today.


I have suffered from very severe eczema for years and came to Ron to see if acupuncture would make a difference. I found Ron to be very helpful, clear and he did not make any over-optimistic promises. Within a couple of weeks of starting treatment I had a fantastic result in that I was almost symptom free and have maintained this for about 18 months now. I have also been able to reduce my regular medication by 80%. I would highly recommend consulting Ron if you are struggling with similar problems.

Mark Jennett

I’ve been coming to Ron for many years now – both for ‘maintenance’ and when I’ve had quite serious back pain. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him. As well as being a brilliant clinician, he is kind and supportive and has offered me many useful tips for looking after my back.

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